KDA Handbook

Dress Code
A dress code is important and necessary in order for instructors to properly see the required muscles are being used and to see proper body alignment. All students are expected to wear dance clothes to all classes.  Please, no T-shirts or loose clothing. Students should wear the appropriate dance shoes for each class. Acro classes will need to wear a leotard. Be sure to always dress appropriately and family friendly. If dancers choose to wear midriff dancewear, they must wear a cover up outside of the classroom. If wearing briefs or a leotard, tights must be worn. Please put the student’s name in all of their dance shoes and do not wear dance shoes outside: change them at the studio. This keeps shoes clean and in good condition, and protects the studio dance floor. KDA Lockers are available to rent so dancers do not have to bring dance wear and shoes back and forth each day.

Beginners: leotard, pink tights and skirts optional
Intermediate/Advanced: black leotards and pink tights, hair in a bun
Ballet shoes: Pink ballet shoes are required. No satin slippers please

Acceptable attire choices are leotard with tights, jazz pants with a leotard or athletic top,  dance shorts and sports bras. Soffe style shorts are not allowed.

Tap shoes: black velcro or buckle tap shoes are preferred for youth classes, black jazz/tap oxford for adults and upper level tap classes. Check on your teacher’s preference.

Jazz shoes: tan jazz slip on shoes (teachers preference). Advanced classes may be asked to purchase Pulse Jazz shoes or half soles.

Hip-Hop shoes: black jazz shoes or sneakers. Tennis shoes may be worn for class time. Boys class shoes, or performing classes may have a different shoe preference. A specific shoe may be required for all recital classes.

Students must have their hair pulled back out of the face in a bun, ponytail, pigtails, etc. If need be, students will be provided with a rubber band. Ballet classes require a bun.

Please wear sweat pants with a short sleeve t-shirt t class for comfort. We ask that they wear pants so we can work on knee slides and other tricks. Tennis shoes work great for class but we recommend sneakers. For boys tap, the same attire is requested and tap oxfords. Flare is welcome in all hip-hop classes as long as it does not get in the way.

The warm up period at the beginning of class is very important. Please do not be late. Students over 15 minutes late may not be allowed in class. Students with pointe shoes should arrive 10 minutes early to allow time to put on shoes and warm up. Parents, please bring younger students dressed and ready. The teachers do not have time to dress the children.

Class attendance is very important, as a student can easily fall behind by missing classes. If you must miss, please remember you may make up your class in a different class. Please inform us if you plan to be gone for more then 2 weeks in a row. No refunds or financial adjustments are made for missed classes. Students who miss more then 2 classes in the month of May will not be allowed to dance in the recital. May attendance is very important to prepare for the recital and absences affect the entire group performance. If you are sick, please do not come to class. If you have had a fever or vomiting in the past 24 hours, do not come to class.  When you miss classes, you will continue to be billed for class to hold your spot.


In the case of withdrawals (other than for injury or severe illness), notification must be received a week BEFORE the 1st of the month.  Non-injury/illness withdrawals received after the 1st, will be charged for the current month’s tuition.  A refund will not be issued if the months Auto-draft has already been drafted. All other situations, in which a refund might be warranted, shall be decided on a case by case basis by the director. After costumes have been ordered, a dancer cannot receive a refund. They will receive the ordered costume after recitals are over.

When a student makes a change in enrollment, either by adding a class or by dropping one, please let the office know by filling out a “ Change In Enrollment ” form.  We always strive to keep our class lists correct.  Failure to let us know that you are no longer attending a class will result in your being charged for the class. If you have any questions about your account or enrollment status please do not hesitate to contact us.


We follow the Bentonville School System severe weather policy. We do not close for public school in-service days. We will post closings on our website, on facebook, twitter and on our answering machine (if we can get to it!).


All teachers, staff, students and parents will be treated with respect.  Any student who is repeatedly disrespectful, rude or hurtful to any teacher, staff member, student or parent will lose the right to take classes at Kaleidoscope. In addition, any parent who is repeatedly disrespectful, rude or hurtful to any teacher, staff member, student or parent will be asked to leave to premises and they and their children may lose the right to take classes.  No refunds will be given to any family asked to leave for behavioral reasons. Kaleidoscope Dance Academy affirms the right of all its students, parents, volunteers and employees to be treated with respect and to be protected from any harassment and/or discriminatory behavior.

Harassment or discriminatory behavior is any conduct that creates a hostile or threatening environment.  Harassment or discriminatory behavior includes, but is not limited to, comments, name calling, physical contact, or other behavior that intentionally demeans a race, age, color, physical appearance, religion, national origin, creed, ethnicity, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or physical/mental disability of an individual or group.

Each of our 5 studios have large one sided viewing windows to watch dance classes. We love for parents to observe through the observation windows. All Classes are closed for in class observation. This policy is for the benefit of your child.  A distraction-free class provides the best atmosphere for learning. If a parent has a particular concern and would like to observe a class, special arrangements can be made. Potential students are always encouraged to observe classes. If a liability form has been filled out they are welcome to sample a class. Parents are not allowed to enter a dance class once the class has begun without the teachers invitation .

Demonstrators are chosen each year to assist the dance instructors during class time. Demonstrators are role models and it is very important that they attend every class, arrive on time, follow the dress code and set a good example for students to follow.  All demonstrators are expected to take 3 dance classes so they are well rounded dancers. If a demonstrator does not follow the guidelines, they will be replaced.


We love to celebrate! Please feel free to bring treats for the class on your child’s birthday or for holidays. We just ask that you bring enough for the entire class and stay away from nut and “messy” foods. The studio is also available to host birthday parties. Slumber parties are available… just think, no home clean-up!


At the end of each year we have a dance recital to showcase the wonderful talents of our students. We do everything we possible can to make this day extra special for our dancers. Every class will get to participate in a dance. We will be holding 2 recitals again this year Cost for recital: Each class will have a costume fee of $60 due by November 1st. We have to order costumes the last week of December in order to get them on time for dance photos. We understand the economy and have decided not to raise costume fees. Payment plans are available. Recital fee of $60 per student (families add $25 for each additional child) will be due April 1st.  This will help cover the rental of the Arend Arts Center. Our recitals are free for all to attend.