When I was four years old in 1998, Laine Harper was my first dance teacher and was still in high school.A couple of years ago, I ran into her accidentally at her new studio. I was so excited and so proud of her. Now, I"m working for her. I have a lot of medical problems going on and I decided to try to dance again at the beginning of this year. Laine worked with me so well, and helped me progress and get back to where I was, up on my toes. Before, there were some days I couldn't even get out of bed. I"m so glad to be doing what I love. She has a WONDERFUL program here at Kaleidoscope Dance Academy. There are so many different classes to choose from whether it"s ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, hip hop, or trying out for a competition team (Krew). The staff is so caring and loving. I love working with them. So, if you want to have extended family, drive down to the square and sign your kids up, your husbands up, or yourselves up. Join our awesome dance family. 😀 I promise that you"ll never forget us. People walk in and out of your lives, but dancers stick around for the finale.