Molly Summerlin is a NWA native and has danced her whole life. Molly danced 15 years and dance competitive for 7 years. She was an assistant teacher at KDA for 2 years and then became a staff member. Molly has been teaching for Kaleidoscope for 3 years.  In 2016 she trained with Louis van Amstel and has attend many conventions and workshops to continue her dance education.

Molly has a bachelors degree in biology and kinesiology and is currently getting her masters in dance therapy. She owns a non profit called Beautiful Lives that provides meals and dance classes to women and children rescued out of domestic violence. Molly's goal is for Beautiful Lives to grow into a nationally recognized organization.  She just finished 1/3 of my dance therapy degree in NYC and can't wait to continue next summer. Her dream is to be the first dance therapist in the state of Arkansas providing care to the dancers of Kaleidoscope Dance Academy. Her favorite class to teach at Kaleidoscope is the special needs class because she believes that everyone can dance from the heart.

Fun facts: Molly has been to 48 states and 6 countries.  Molly and her husband love bouldering and camping.