Born in Los Angeles, CA, Cameron was always an entertainer at heart. Growing up in the Compton, CA area of Los Angeles, he was fascinated with the dance moves of Michael Jackson as well as Usher, and Omarion and wanted to move just like they did. At the age of 15, after seeing the movie "You Got Served" he took notice of world known choreographer Dave Scott and decided to get into hip hop dance more. He later moved to Missouri after the loss of his cousin whom he was close with. He began taking dance more seriously and joined a dance crew that formed at his high school. After winning talent shows, and dance contest and performing for local hip hop artist, Cameron decided to take his dance passion to the next level. At the age of 21 he moved to Oklahoma City, OK to learn contemporary and hip hop. Later on he began teaching dance classes, and soon formed the dance crew/company known as Band Of Misfits. Soon after, Cameron traveled the states learning and teaching. As well as going overseas to China to dance and teach. He and the Band Of Misfits have accomplished quite a bit within the years of when they started. Cameron has been able to showcase some of his talents in events such as World Of Dance Dallas and Chicago, also for Chris Brown's F.A.M.E tour, co-choreographed the "Bad Girl" music video for artist Cameron McBeth, has taught for dance conventions such as The Streetz and Soul de Soul, and is also a graduated alum of the Boogiezone Xchange Dance Program. Now working on more projects with Band Of Misfits and also director of STARFlEET (JP Goldstein of MOS WANTED CREW's company) Tulsa/OKC . He is currently a hip hop instructor and competition choreographer and teaches master classes in different cities around the US. Today, Cameron is still pursuing his passion as a dancer and choreographer as well as an actor and film maker.