KDA Solo List for 2015!

Here is the final list, keep in mind this was the colaberation of 3 instructos and all had their reasoning. it comes down to choreographers who want to work with dancers as well if anything changes we reserve the right to add soloist or take away, always remember that.

Alexa Delany

Ava Masters

Stella Hoyt

Ainsley Biggs

Bella Bland

Ariel Cole

Olivia Warfield

Kiley Paynor

Briana Dreyer

Becca Llewellyn

Brooklyn Floyd

Brinleigh  Dimmit

Kylie Wright

Hannah Lobik

Sidney Hoyt

Camren Buehne

Macey Fielding

Ella Wisdom

Addison Craig

Ellie Griffin

Carlie Richison

Riley Ducharme

Abby Chesnutt

Elysa Djahnou

Abbey Griffin

Paityn Willson

Emily Taylor

Lily Valdez

Sabrina Warfield

Neelie Hight

Jacquelyn Hays

Carrington Friddle

Cydney Nelson

Molly Mizelle

Anna Grace Lastovica

Catherine Harris

Bella Chesnutt