Universal Studios Hires KDA to perform at First Friday Toy Land

Downtown Bentonville, AR is a special place in our town. Once a month, every first Friday of the month to be exact, our community hosts an amazing gathering for families and businesses on our square.  Once a year, "Toy Land" takes over the square and this year it was hosted by Universal Studios. Kaleidoscope Dance Academy was honored to be hired to arrange the entertainment for the center stage and for the troll booths. Laine Harper worked one on one with Universal event planners in Orlando, FL to create the perfect show for our event. Dancers and choreographers had one and a half weeks to learn perform and perfect the stage performance. Kaleidoscope Dance Academy had the best time ever and made so many new friends. We hope you all had a great "Holiday" and be sure to check out the DreamWorks film Trolls Holiday!

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